KDONAr-8200/8900/280 (620TPD+12TPD)

Project model : KDONAr-8200/8900/280 (620TPD+12TPD)
Location : Qinghai
Year : 2018
Application field : Chemical
ASU specs :

Henan Kylin Air Separation Group Co. Ltd.


Operating conditions Oxygen yield (optional LOX yield) O2 purity (upgradable) Gox Pressure Nitrogen yield (optional LN yield) Nitrogen  purity Gas Nitrogen Pressure (compressor inlet/outlet) Argon yield Argon purity
Design 8200nm3/h or 280TPD (800nm3/h or 27TPD 99.6%O2 8.25 MPa 8900nm3/h or 265TPD (1600nm3/h or 48TPD) ≤10PPmO2 10kpa /0.9MPa 280nm3/h or 12TPD 10kpa /0.9MPa
Condition1 4300nm3/h or 145TPD (2900nm3/h or 100TPD) 8900nm3/h or 265TPD 220nm3/h or 9.5TPD

Process brief
This process is an internal compression air separation process integrating normal temperature molecular sieve adsorption purification, air pressurization booster, high and low-temperature pressurized turbine expander, full distillation of packed fractionation tower to produce argon. And is one of the most advanced internal compression air separation processes in the world.
Main features :
1. Uses liquid pumps to pressurize liquid oxygen, then converse LOX into GOX in the main heat exchanger.
2. Has a higher outlet pressure at the booster end of the expander so it saves more energy.
3. Has a secondary operating condition so the client has option of more fraction of LOX product.

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