Return visit of 10000 liquid ASU project

October 14, 2023

Recently, our company's technical leader came to the site of the 10000 liquid air separation project for a return visit and had a careful and detailed understanding of the equipment production of the project. According to the user's measured feedback, all the indicators of the complete set of equipment exceed the design indicators, and the equipment runs smoothly. Party A gave high recognition to our company's equipment.

Henan Kylin Air Separation Group Co. Ltd.


Full liquid ASU

The core equipment of full liquid air separation unit includes: self-cleaning air filter, air compressor, pre-cooling system, molecular sieve purification system, air booster circulation system, turbine expander system, distillation column system, instrument control system and electric control system.

Henan Kylin Air Separation Group Co. Ltd.


Kylin Air Separation 

Kylin Air Separation Group Co., Ltd. is a leading provider and manufacturer of cryogenic equipment, technology and Industrial gas solutions in the industry. Our industrial gas equipment are used for the production and storage of the entire liquefied gas supply chain. Customization of corresponding supporting equipment according to different customer needs.

With extensive and unique experience, we work closely with customers around the world to create solutions tailored to their needs that maximize productivity, efficiency and longevity throughout the plant life cycle.
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